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What is Shockwave Physiotherapy in Cambridge Beneficial for?

The physical therapists at MM Physio in Cambridge, ON prescribe Shockwave Therapy, a non-surgical therapy that employs a device that transmits sound waves through to a particular area to reduce inflammation and promote healing. Shockwave Therapy in Cambridge, ON is effective to treat a variety of symptoms resulting from medical or accidental injuries. However, it is not necessarily a permanent solution in severe cases where surgery is the last option.

What are Shock Waves?

is a scientifically proven method of treating painful conditions of the musculoskeletal system by emitting shockwaves directly to the affected areas. Inflammation, scarring, and wound healing are all improved by shock wave therapy.

To those patients who have not responded to conservative treatment, shockwave therapy offers an alternative and reliable option to surgical intervention. It refers to the use of a sound wave emission device, which can be either radial or focal, to direct high-energy acoustic waves at the painful location.

How it works?

Shockwave therapy in Cambridge, ON is reliable and painless. Any discomfort caused by the device can be mitigated by having the physical therapist apply a numbing gel to the affected area of the body. It's important for the patient to be in a relaxed state that nevertheless allows the medical staff to easily access the area needing attention. The gadget is then slid easily across the treatment area once a gel has been applied.

You'll need anything from three to ten sessions, each lasting between five and twenty minutes, to permanently alleviate your situation. Because of their biological and therapeutic properties, shockwaves are highly recommended in the treatment of chronic conditions when more traditional rehabilitation methods have been unsuccessful.

What is it for?

Shockwave Therapy in Cambridge, ON is effective for treating cellulite, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bursitis, and other discomforts as well. It emits waves at a certain frequency that stimulate tissue metabolism. Local inflammation reduction enables reduction in swelling and pain at the affected spot.

The development of new blood vessels aids in lesion repair. Collagen production should be upped because it plays a crucial role in the maintenance and healing. More blood and oxygen can reach the damaged area. Substance P, which is found in excessive quantities in cases of chronic pain, is also diminished by Shockwave Therapy in Cambridge, ON.

Shockwave Therapy And ED

Many men struggle with erectile dysfunction, and the problem becomes more prevalent with age. Since it affects so many people, researchers have dedicated a great deal of time and energy to learning more about it. Oral medications are the most commonly prescribed treatment. Shockwave Therapy in Cambridge, ON uses low-intensity electro acoustic waves.

There is no special preparation needed for a shock wave treatment, and they can be given right in the clinic. These appointments last around 20 minutes and don't require hospitalization or anesthesia. Its ability to promote new blood vessel growth is the key to its efficacy in treating ED.

When not indicated?

Shockwave Therapy in Cambridge, ON is widely regarded as safe. At the MM Physio clinic, a skilled specialist may check that the equipment is properly calibrated and that the frequency of the current is adequate for the type of treatment being administered. Shock wave therapy is also not advised for use near sensitive organs like the lungs, eyes, or brain. Pregnant women and cancer patients must not be advised with SWT.

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