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Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Namaste Everyone,

My name is Pooja Vyas, and I am a Physiotherapist. I run a YouTube channel named Pooja Vyas PT wherein I talk the field of physiotherapy and how I cleared the Physiotherapy license exams in the USA (NPTE) and in Canada (I am waiting to give the PCE-practical component) as an internationally educated and trained Physiotherapist.

In this blog I would like to discuss about Master in Physiotherapy in Canada. Many internationally educated Physiotherapist and PT students have shared that they are interested in pursuing Master in Physiotherapy in Canada once they are done with their Bachelor in Physiotherapy (this is specific for Indian PTs and PT students).

I feel like I can talk more on this subject as I am someone who did Bachelor in Physiotherapy from India and MS in Exercise Science from USA.

I understand that growing up in India we are usually given the idea that after Bachelor you need to do a Master degree- as that is the next logical step. However, things are quite different in Canada.

In India, the entry to practice degree in the field of physiotherapy is Bachelor in Physiotherapy- which is usually a 4 year and 6-month program.

In Canada, there is no specific program called Bachelor in Physiotherapy. So, if a Canadian student wants to become Physiotherapist-

• 1st they will complete a Bachelor degree- related to biology/ kinesiology/human kinetics

• Then they will do a 2-year Master in Physiotherapy program

For them, their entry to practice degree is a Master in Physiotherapy, whereas for students from India the entry to practice degree is Bachelor in Physiotherapy.

Hence internationally educated PTs like us do not need to do Master in Physiotherapy if we want to sit for PCE- Physiotherapy Competency Exam- most of the times the BPT degree is considered equivalent by CAPR.

For India, many BPT programs 1`meet CAPR standards and are considered not substantially different from a Canadian physiotherapy education (Country Profiles – Top Source Countries).

I would advise as international students in Canada one should only go for Master in Physiotherapy in Canada if they are interested in Research and want to go ahead with the academics.

There are only 15 physical therapy programs which provide Master in Physiotherapy degree in Canada (10 English, 5 French) (University of Alberta).

It is very competitive, and the tuition fees can be expensive for students if you are not Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Check out this link to see the list of Universities that provide Masters in Physiotherapy degree in Canada.



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