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Annoying Tennis Elbow pain: 5 Physiotherapy Treatments that work wonders!!

39-year-old Male Tennis player, presenting with Rt elbow pain and discomfort, aggravated by playing Tennis.

He had pain in his lateral epicondyle (outer side of the elbow) since 2017, had been to multiple clinics for physiotherapy and massage treatments, with little to no carry over benefits from those sessions. Had to stop playing Tennis because of the sharp shooting pain, swelling and discomfort.

Working in product management with desk job and 8 hours of typing made his situation worse.

Goal- return to play with pre-injury range of motion, strength, and endurance.

At MM Physio, our Physiotherapist Nick treated him for Tennis elbow with –

1. Manual Therapy and Mulligan Mobilization

2. P4 Summus Laser

3. MP100 Shockwave Therapy

4. Electrical Stimulation and Cryotherapy

5. Graded Strength training


After 6 sessions of Intensive Physiotherapy, Manual Therapy, P4 Laser and Shockwave therapy, Vinay is back in Oakville’s Tennis courts, living his best life.

If you or someone you know is suffering from debilitating Elbow pain: Golfer’s Elbow or Tennis Elbow, book your Physiotherapy appointment at MM Physio Cambridge.

Call us @ 519-267-0495

“P4 Laser along with Mulligan Mobilization, graded strength training got a Tennis player back to his court”

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