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5 Health Conditions That Can Be Treated With Pediatric Physiotherapy in Cambridge, ON

Pediatric Physiotherapy is introduced for treating specific physical conditions of a child. This treatment usually involves treatments offered using heat, massages, and exercises for fixing existing issues.

Reputed healthcare clinics introduce Pediatric Physiotherapy in Cambridge, ON, to successfully treat many health conditions in children. Here, in this post, we will discuss five common Pediatric concerns that can be treated with pediatric physiotherapy.

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Posture Issues

One of the most common issues with children is faulty posture. If your little one has developed a hunchback or is practicing a wrong posture, you must make sure to treat it at an initial stage.

Visiting a healthcare clinic specializing in pediatric physiotherapy in Cambridge, ON, will be able to offer the best help in this aspect. The experts here will try to correct the child’s posture with the help of practical physiotherapy exercises.

They will work on the core and alignment of the body through specific breathing exercises proven to improve a child’s posture. They will also teach your child to sit appropriately while studying, using computing machines or watching TV.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a condition that affects the posture, movement, and balance of a child. If a child is suffering from this ailment, they will find it difficult to move their muscles or even walk.

This condition is caused as a result of abnormal brain development or damage to the brain at the time of childbirth. If your little one is suffering from Cerebral Palsy, visiting a reputed healthcare clinic offering quality pediatric physiotherapy services in Cambridge, ON, will be able to help.

The treatment for this ailment includes improvement of muscle functionality, strength, and the child’s motor abilities.


When a child is unable to move his/her neck appropriately, this condition is called Torticollis. If developed further, this condition can result in plagiocephaly. Plagiocephaly is a condition in which the child’s head is flattened from one or more sides.

Visiting a reliable healthcare clinic that specializes in offering pediatric physiotherapy services in Cambridge, ON, will be able to treat Torticollis at an early stage. This way, you can protect your child from unexpected health complications and their future with the help of quality physiotherapy services.


Developmental Coordination Disorder, also known as DCD, is another condition in children which can be treated with expert professional pediatric physiotherapy services. This disorder affects the motor skills of children.

If your little one is suffering from DCD, he/she may find it difficult to perform their daily activities and consume a very long time for completing them.

You can treat your little one by visiting a healthcare center that offers exceptional pediatric physiotherapy treatments in Cambridge, ON.

Physiotherapy treatment conducted for treating DCD in children includes routine motion practices as well as coordination movements.

Toe Walking

Toe walking is another condition in children which is treated with the use of pediatric physiotherapy. If your toddler is toe walking since their first step and not being able to outgrow this habit, you need to visit a medical clinic offering pediatric physiotherapy treatments in Cambridge, ON, without delay.

The experts working at such a healthcare facility have the skills to address the causes which are making your baby toe-walk. They will first diagnose the underlying causes of the condition and then introduce an appropriate treatment program accordingly.

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