Kid-Friendly Space

Coming to a new clinic can be scary for kids. But inside our doors is a warm, welcoming atmosphere designed to take their mind off the injury.

Treatment Starts With Trust

New place, new people, new activities—it can make even outgoing kids nervous. We build trust with one-on-one care and attention, helping them relax after the first session.

Fun, Activity-Based Sessions

Injuries steal their freedom to just be kids. We help them get it back. Our therapists use fun, productive sessions that keep them entertained and pain-free.

Pediatric physiotherapy treats infants, children and youth with congenital conditions, orthopedic and neurological injuries.  The MM PHYSIO’s paediatric physiotherapists help to improve your child’s gross motor skills and mobility. At MM PHYSIO, we use a client and family centered approach to care, working with you to identify your child’s goals and to create an individualized treatment program.  The physiotherapist will use a combination of hands-on treatment and exercise prescription through fun and functional activities

Infant and Toddlers



Delayed Milestones

Low Tone

Milestone Check up



Global Developmental Delay

Developmental Coordination Disorder


Retained Primitive Reflexes

Difficulty with specific Gross Motor skill acquisition


Developmental and Physical Disabilities

Cerebral Palsy

Muscular Dystrophy

Genetic Conditions 

(Down Syndrome; Rett Syndrome; Angelman Syndrome; Cri Du Chat Syndrome; Prader Willi Syndrome)


Orthopedic Injuries

Injury/Fracture Management

Toe Walking


Sport Specific Conditioning and Injury Prevention

Do I need a Doctor's Referral?

No, you do not need a doctor’s referral to access physiotherapy services. Please note, some insurance companies may need a referral for benefit coverage.  

Does my child need to have a diagnosis?

No, we feel strongly that a diagnosis doesn't define children. In many cases, there is not a diagnosis. We treat all children by assessing their individual strengths and needs to collaboratively come up with individualized goals.

Can I use insurance coverage for sessions?

Yes, if you have extended health benefit coverage for physiotherapy you can claim our sessions. Your receipt will include all the information needed to submit your claim, and we also offer direct billing services if applicable.